Important Notice

Update: March 30, 2020

At this time, many areas are seeing an increase in people and families out walking, riding bikes, and playing in their yards. We encourage drivers to take extra care and attention to help keep the community safe for everyone. Watching your speed and keeping aware that there may be children or pets in or close to the streets and driveways. 

When out, keep our pets leashed and remember to talk to young children about stopping and looking before they enter a street or other area where they may be cars. And when riding your bike on the main streets, use the designated bike lanes when available and always ride with the flow of vehicle traffic, never against.  

The court closures are in place to continue for all non-essential matters at this time. Both the courts and our office are working to make sure cases are continued to new dates. Many courts are trying to mail notice to individuals as soon as possible, but be aware it may take time to process and send these notices. Please check the court websites (linked below) for up to date information. 

Update: March 17, 2020

Each California Court is implementing their own policies to help cope with Covid-19 and Social Distancing. While some courts may be closed to the public at this time, please check the courts’ official sites for the latest updates to their procedures. 

Los Angeles Superior Court

Orange County Superior Court

San Diego Superior Court

San Bernardino Superior Court & SBSC Closures

Additionally, the California DMV is allowing for 60 days leniency for some DMV license and registration renewals. Please see the DMV’s official notice for how best to make your renewals and if you are eligible for this leniency. https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/dmv/detail/pubs/newsrel/2020/2020_12 

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To many, a traffic citation may not seem like a major legal problem.  However, having too many tickets or having unsettled tickets can wreak havoc on your life.  Large fines, increase in insurance rates, and even a suspended license can quickly impact your quality of life.

Here at R. Allen Baylis & Associates, we work our hardest to help prevent those things from happening, whether its your first ticket or your hundredth.  California resident, or visiting from another state or country, we're here to help you navigate the traffic court system.

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Our Practice & Services

Our Practice & Services

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Our Practice & Services

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Our Practice & Services

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You Should Know Blog

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You Should Know Blog

You Should Know Blog

You Should Know Blog

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